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Simplest way to transfer money to your users πŸ’Έ

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 13, 2018

Cashgram is a weblink businesses can send users to collect account details and make a payment.

Send a Cashgram link to user. User enters bank account or PayTM. Receives money instantly.

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Hi PH πŸ‘‹πŸ», I'm Akash, the Co-Founder of Cashfree. Cashfree is a Y Combinator backed bulk payout and payment gateway solution for businesses. Cashgram is our latest release -- a weblink businesses can send users to collect account details and make a payment. Unlike collecting money from users, sending money to users for cash-on-delivery order refunds, rewards, reimbursements etc has always been a slow, ops heavy process often prone to errors. It has demanded coordination between product, customer support and finance team to ensure timely disbursal. Businesses have to ask for a customer's bank account details, card number over email, chat or phone which also makes many customers uncomfortable πŸ˜‘ Cashgram has been built to make that process smooth, user-friendly and accurate. It reduces the ops cost for businesses to ZERO and lets customers receive money without having to share their account details with a business 😎 How It Works: Business sends a Cashgram link to the user. User enters their account details (UPI, bank account or PayTM). Payout is received in their preferred account, instantly. Features :- a) On-the-fly validation of customer provided details. Throws error in real-time if they provide incorrect bank account number or UPI VPA. b) Cashgrams are secured via OTP authentication πŸ— c) Instant transfers πŸ™Œ d) Supports 4 popular modes to withdraw: Bank account number, UPI ID, PayTM and Debit cards (issued in India). e) Auto-expiry of Cashgram, if not redeemed by the prescribed time frame βŒ›οΈ f) Works fabulously on mobile devices. Desktops are supported too. g) API support available πŸ€– Use cases :- a) COD Refunds/Returns at E-commerce stores b) Rewards disbursal on Fantasy Sports/Online Gaming apps c) Payouts to marketing affiliates d) Gifting (alternative to gift cards) e) Disbursals on P2P lending platform f) Expense reimbursements Happy to answer your questions! PS: To try a Cashgram, drop a message below, and we'll Cashgram you some cash πŸ’Έ
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@sha26 It's unique invention I must say. Keep up the good work
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@sha26 Hi Akash, Your target audience is E-Commerce and SaaS companies. If you need help in identifying all the e-commerce and SaaS companies in India and reach out to decision maker, we can help you out. Check our product :
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@ankit_sexna Great! Thanks :)
@shreyaa_ratra Your product looks great. Will surely reach out!
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@sha26 this changes everything (especially for rewards in the non-profit sector) reaching out big time! And such an amazing product. My hats off to you and your team ☺️
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Revolutionary product.
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Looks super clean and fills a hole in the market place, great job team!
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@mikeshoss Great! Thanks :)
Simple solution. Good use cases. All the best!
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@bhaskerkode Look forward to having you try Cashgram. Congrats on the raise :)
I read the email about the launch of Cashgram in the warehouse email group lately. The design looks amazing! πŸ’―
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