A simple Github issues macOS client

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Hicham Bouabdallah@hishboy · Software Engineer
Hello folks, I always wanted to build a faster and cleaner UI for tracking Issues on Github. Please give it a shot and let me know wha you think. I dropped the price to $10.00 for the day. (It's still showing $49.00 at time of writing but give it a few minutes to update)
Sjoerd Janssen@sjoerdjanssenen · Backend developer
@hishboy Awesome! Will definitely try it out now!
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@t55 · Mac'aholic
Good-looking new Github issues tracker for the Mac. Hope they have a trial version soonish, as $50 is a bit too steep to check if the app fits the workflow.
Camillo Visini@camillovisini · CEO @ 1Media AG
I literally looked for a github issues app a couple days ago and was disappointed with the available options. Insta-buy, looks so cool!
Sjoerd Janssen@sjoerdjanssenen · Backend developer
That is a hefty price. The app looks really great, but don't fancy trying if it works for that price.
Andrew Courter@covrter · Highly
I've been using @cashewappco Github issues for Mac for a while. It's great. Congrats on the launch @hishboy!
Ankush Dharkar@ankushdharkar · Technical Founder, YUDEK
A helpful app that lets you track issues quickly. And it's only getting better! The best part is, it has a dark mode, which is easy on eyes. Thanks @hishboy!