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Interesting Jon! How do you monitor the content and quality of the reviews (since its a video), like an user just running on a video and singing just a song or even abuses ? Do you run a bridge to ensure they're legit or have the shopkeepers check and accept in order to redeem the discount or anything else ? Cos am sure, this platform all running over just the video needs to hit the content right and fitting to place itself better.
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@tweetyunus Hey Mohamed! Within the app, users can give feedback on review content/quality in two ways. There's an upvote button on every review, which is intended to allow viewers to indicate that they found a particular review helpful, and there's also a button that lets users report abuse. Of course, sellers won't have to pay for the discounts for any reviews that don't meet our basic requirements - specifically, that the user shares his or her opinion about the product, the review is at least 30 seconds long, and the product is shown in the video. But the idea is indeed to have the discounts that people see within the app be increasingly dynamic over time. So users that post reviews that others find helpful, are commonly viewed vs. skipped, are shared, etc. will see different discounts and offers than users who aren't posting high-quality reviews or haven't established a reputation on the platform.
@jonathan_wald "So users that post reviews that others find helpful, are commonly viewed vs. skipped, are shared, etc. will see different discounts and offers than users who aren't posting high-quality reviews or haven't established a reputation on the platform." - Awesome. This is the game.
Thanks for hunting us Kat! Hey PH, We're a YCombinator company in the current batch and spent the past couple months building Cartcam. We're super excited to share Cartcam with the world. Cartcam is an app for opinionated, deal-seeking shoppers. As Kat mentioned, Cartcam lets you buy products at a discount (often 30%-100% off), in exchange for creating short video reviews. Video reviews on Cartcam are casual and can be as short as 30 seconds, which means that Cartcam gives you free and discounted products for doing something as easy as sending a Snap. Here's how it works: when you buy something on Cartcam, you can decide whether or not to accept a "review discount". If you accept the review discount, you're only charged the discounted price, and you have 3 weeks from the time you receive the product to post your review. You might be wondering what the catch is. Is there something wrong with the products? Why are sellers willing to give 30%-100% off their products in exchange for a video review? There is no catch. It turns out that viewers are anywhere from 64%-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video, but generating video content isn't easy or cheap for sellers. Cartcam works because it gives sellers an easy way to motivate the creation of video content around their products. These videos don't just drive sales through Cartcam, they can also be embedded in sellers' websites, posted on social media, used for marketing, etc. This makes selling on Cartcam a no brainer! Anyway, we'd love for you to try Cartcam out and let us know what you think.
@jonathan_wald Genius idea. I love reviews in general, but this is a really smart one :)
Thanks Pam! :)
Neat concept. Where do the sellers on Cartcam come from?
@imjgoldsmith Right now, most of Cartcam's sellers are people running Shopify stores. We've built a Shopify app that lets them get up and running on Cartcam in just a few minutes - you select which products you want to sell on Cartcam, how big the review discounts are, and how many discounted orders you're willing to accept for each product...then you can jut sit back and let the orders and video content roll in. For anyone who is interested in selling on Cartcam, there's a form on our website ( that you can fill out and a member of our team will get in touch.
Sounds like the start of something good. I think video reviews will replace photos in time. Are there "channels" with the ability to view reviews from a particular user? Can these videos be shared to YouTube?
@liquidchickenqq Thanks Kerry :) Yes, the app lets you follow other reviewers, see their past reviews, comment on their videos, etc. We don't support automatically/programmatically posting to YouTube yet, but sellers can download the video reviews of their products and do with them what they want.
Wow, great idea! I love it when these "win-win" products actually get built. I hope it takes off! As a store owner will I be able to moderate what video ultimately lands on my site?
@the_best_agency thanks Jason! And yes, we've built a plug-in that makes it easy for store owners to embed Cartcam video reviews into their websites, and our seller dashboard lets them control which reviews are embedded and how they appear. For someone running a Shopify store, this means you can both list your products on Cartcam and pull the generated video content into your online store without having to do anything manually or write any code. It's probably worth noting that sellers are also free to download the video reviews of their products if they want more flexibility.