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#4 Product of the DayDecember 20, 2014
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Jonathan Howard
Jonathan HowardHiring@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
500 error when browsing possible carries on my route home for the holidays. Curious whether "carriers" do the last-mile delivery, or just the shipping part. Also curious what happens if that teddy bear you're carrying for someone's cousin turns out to have drugs in it :)
Nathan Sudds
Nathan Sudds@nathansudds · Founder,ActiveLabs & Coach,
@staringispolite Haha. I hear you, I was thinking to prevent this maybe certain e-commerce stores could be the main focus until a reputation is built, as many people want to shop say on Amazon if it's coming from a well known e-commerce site maybe there's less risk on the contents. Chain of custody and all. Maybe not though ;)
Nathen McVittie
Nathen McVittie@nathenmcvittie · Art Director, Common Goal
Very interesting-- especially with TSA/security regulations. Will definitely look into this for impending travel. What sort of process have you researched and been through in order to comply?
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Carry is selling itself as an Airbnb of the courier sphere. Travelers simply enter their start point, end point, dates, the size of package they’re willing/able to carry, and how much money they’re willing to carry it for. It’s essentially a peer-to-peer platform that connects shippers with travelers. Those who have delivery requirements that roughly fit the designated criteria then liaise with the traveler to arrange collection. The traveler has the ability to inspect everything they’re carrying before accepting the deal – they can turn away items or people they’re not comfortable with.
Eric Willis
Eric Willis@erictwillis · Working on something new
@kwdinc There are a lot of startups attempting to do this. I actually looked into this type of service while I was living in Argentina and just thought there were too many very serious problems to make it work. Interested to see if any of the startups targeting this can get to critical mass.
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
@erictwillis yea true. I know 2 companies trying to do this in Asia as well
Nathan Sudds
Nathan Sudds@nathansudds · Founder,ActiveLabs & Coach,
@erictwillis @kwdinc I'd be interested in the other companies doing this -- especially in Asia. I had a similar idea for where I was living in a border city, as many people are making that trip daily and can carry quite a bit. It could offset costs for people paying tolls, etc when crossing daily already.
Irving Torres
Irving Torres@irvingtorresyc · Freelance Designer
@kwdinc @erictwillis totally agree. There's a big liability for both parties.
James Mundy
James Mundy@_jamesmundy · Building interesting things with code
Great idea, though some major hurdles to face if you don't know what's in the package/who is carrying your items.
Frank Fumarola
Frank Fumarola@ffumarola · Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
My friend and I had this idea a year or two ago and abandoned it due to regulatory and safety concerns. It's not worth getting held by border security or customs and being forced to pay a 50% import tax on the item just for the possibility of making $100. E.g. I see an iPhone 6 as one of the items someone wants in South America... its possible that I could get stopped by customs and have to pay a 50% tax on the domestic value. In Brazil (a country I know a bit more about), an iPhone 6 64gb sells new for the equivalent of $1450. In the US its $750. So I COULD get hit with a $725 tax by Brazil (50% of domestic value)... bringing my cost up to $1475. Who covers that cost? The receiving party wouldn't want to... thats why they are willing to pay me $100... because $750 + $100 is a huge savings on $1450. But $1475 + $100 would be a silly purchase for them. My only other comment is from a UX perspective. People shouldn't have to dictate where an item needs to fly from unless necessary. If I MUST be flying out of NYC because I need to pick something up from a legal office in Manhattan, ok. Even then, though, why do they care if I am flying from JFK? What about La Guardia, Newark, etc? Also, if the person just wants an iPhone and is willing to pay $100 for it as long as it comes from the US at US prices, then they should be able to allow any origin US airport.