CARROT Weather for Mac

A smartass weather robot with a personality

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Brian Mueller
Brian MuellerMaker@brianmueller333 · CARROT's Maker
Thanks for the hunt, @robjama! I’d always wanted a really great weather app for the Mac because I spend most of my time sitting in front of it. I wanted to hit a hotkey and have the weather pop up no matter what app I'm in - or even better, have the app tell *me* if bad weather's coming my way without having to open it. And coming off the great reception for CARROT Weather for iOS, I wanted to push the boundaries beyond just building a funny/engaging weather app and make one that was also extremely powerful. It was a long process because developing for the Mac had a bit of a learning curve coming from iOS. They both share the same language and development tools, but you can’t just plug code from iOS in because the Mac APIs are often completely different. And design-wise, even small things like the way you search for a city had to be completely reworked to feel at home on the Mac. This being a CARROT app, there’s of course lots of fun stuff in here, like a weather time machine that lets you view the weather for any location up to 70 years in the past or 10 years in the future. Plus secret locations that you unlock by using the app, like the Moon, Mt. Doom, and Nakatomi Plaza. And don’t forget to poke CARROT’s ocular sensor! Building in these little Easter eggs and writing the dialogue is half the fun of developing the CARROT apps. Let me know if you have any questions about the development process or the marketing, happy to answer!
Robleh Jama
Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
I'm a big fan of @brianmueller333's Carrot apps. They're super fun and useful apps with a personality. This is the first Mac app in the series. I've been beta testing it and have been enjoying the quirky weather reports from Carrot so far. The weather time machine feature is genius :)
Alexandru Chirițescu
Alexandru Chirițescu@alexchiri · I can has product?
I love it! Very useful and funny! Keep them coming! :) 👍
Rutger Teunissen
Rutger TeunissenHiring@rutgerteunissen · CEO, 24sessions
I love it! It's funny and cool - and it's random with it's places like the moon or Mt Doom. Also, I loved the fact that you can view the weather from the past (like, way back) and from the future! Nice work!
Ty Martin
Ty Martin@tymrtn · Founder,
Love love the CARROT apps. Been trying to figure out who's the mastermind behind them... now I know: @brianmueller333.
Ty Martin
Ty Martin@tymrtn · Founder,
@tymrtn IMHO the To Do app is a masterpiece and a milestone in cross-discipline design (gaming, story, productivity). Looking forward to checking out this new weather app!
Brian Mueller
Brian MuellerMaker@brianmueller333 · CARROT's Maker
@tymrtn thanks Ty, I appreciate it!