Keep fast-growing and remote teams on the same page 🙌

#4 Product of the DayOctober 15, 2018

Fast-growing and remote teams use Carrot to communicate important information everyone needs to see. Stay on the same page - even when you can’t be in the same place.

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Hi Product Hunt 👋, I’m Stuart, CEO and co-founder of Carrot. We’ve been under the radar in private beta, so we’re thrilled to be hunted (thanks @nikkielizdemere!) and excited to be sharing it with you. To give you some background, we see leaders struggling to communicate effectively with their teams. This is especially true for quickly growing and remote teams.. Key announcements, updates and decisions are missed in the random noise of Slack or lost in the black hole of email. Teams lose focus and get out of sync. With Carrot, leaders rise above the noise to communicate what matters and keep teams aligned. Key information stays visible and organized so it’s easy for teams to get caught up anytime without worrying they missed something in fast-moving conversations. Carrot also sparks meaningful discussions that aren’t easy to have in chat or email.And when you post something new, you’ll know if anyone is listening! You’ll see who’s in the loop; and if they’re not, Carrot reminds them for you. Using Slack? We do, too. That's why we designed it to work with Slack from the ground up. Posts are automatically shared to Slack so your team can add comments from Slack, too - Carrot keeps it all in sync. Thanks for the comments & support!
@stuartlevinson , Was going through your product. Few thoughts if you are planning to do B2B sales : a) Target recently funded companies. These companies will be quickly growing. Hence it will make sense for them to use your product. b) Target companies who do remote hiring. Would be happy to hear your thought on same.
@shreyaa_ratra Your ideas are spot on. We resonate with distributed teams because we keep them in sync, so paying attention to who's hiring remotely makes sense. Also your other idea for paying attention to who's growing quickly, because that's when communication starts to break down. Thank you!
@stuartlevinson Do let me know if you need help in targeting such companies ?
Hello Product Hunt 🎉 I'm Ryan, Head of Design at Carrot. It's exciting to finally get this out into the world. Before Carrot, I lead the design team over at MetaLab, and spent a lot of time working with teams spread out across North America and Europe. I’ve always used Slack for real-time work, but with distributed teams it’s challenging to keep up with everyone and everything. Feeling constantly reactive is never something anyone enjoys, regardless of their position. I'm confident Carrot can become a space where leaders can communicate in a clear way. Not intended to compete with Slack and email, but instead to compliment. Looking forward to hearing what ya'll think!
@ryan_le_roux Congrats on the launch!
@brandon_arnold Thanks Brandon 😺

As you grow, alignment and transparency become harder and harder. At some point, email and slack become too noisy, and you need something to help communicate the important things effectively. Carrot's incredible for that.


Extremely useful AND usable.


No complaints yet.

It's hard to share information across your exec team, rest of company and board. Carrot makes it easy to do this and reduces the amount of work that goes into deciding / formatting communication for each audience. If slack helps the team stay in touch with one another, Carrot helps leaders stay in touch with their teams.


Super useful for long form communication with team, especially for CEO's, great design



Chat and email get super noisy so it’s too easy for teams to miss stuff that really matters. Carrot provides a place for important team communications to stay visible so it’s easier for everyone to get caught up on their own time. Plus, when you share something in Carrot they’ll show you “who’s seen what” to make sure everyone’s on the same page.
@nikkielizdemere thanks so much for hunting! 🙏