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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 04, 2019

Carrd Template Marketplace is the unofficial place to buy and list templates you can use on Carrd.

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I've thought of doing this for a while... I've built over 100 sites on Carrd which is such an awesome tool to get sites built in minutes without code (h/t/ @ajlkn ) so I built this one today solely on Carrd (of course!) I was talking about my new course 'Built with Carrd' where I teach how to build and ship mini-startups in minutes. Then spoke with AJ who gave the go-ahead on an unofficial site for it. If you build Carrd sites you can also put them up for sale (after you submit, I tell you how to send templates to those who bought). This is automated with the PayPal widget at the moment - I could use Stripe of course but keeping this open to others to have sites on, without Stripe in this case was more straight forward. But I have various options for the sellers. It costs $5 to submit a site to stop spam mainly.
@bentossell this is awesome, Ben! I’m a huge carrd fan as well so will definitely be using this.
This is great. Cardd as it is without it is very useful and straight forward for anybody looking to make something without coding. If you add this power-up to the product... I would love to see this site populated with tons of templates. PS: a discount for PH leads would help to promote it ;) (for buying templates)
@leonelmore absolutely. I'd say $39 is discount enough...not as expensive as themes for any major sites. This is built for the PH community but don't feel I need to discount this again since I've spent hours and a few years now building sites on Carrd and learning the platform. If it's too expensive then it's not for you 😊 I'd actually set the site live with every price being $1 by accident. Changed about an hour ago so it was kind of an accidental flash sale haha.
@bentossell haha I missed the flash sale! 😄 Being serious, the price it's great. I was thinking on the idea of promoting it with a 5 days discount for PH visitors or something like that, to help with growth. I totally agree it takes a lot of hard work!
Congrats Ben! Are there certain steps to prepare sites to be listed as templates? Is it as simple as submitting a site you've already made, leaving in all the information?
@graeme_fulton no specific steps I dont think.. you may need a certain type of Carrd account (PRO or something). I walk through the steps in the listing section and after submission I tell sellers how to clone and deliver them to whoever bought it!
Solid idea. Sent a template, massive Carrd fan.
@dshan it's 2.44am here so I'll get it up first thing!
wow @ajlkn this is now truly tumblr 2.0 eh?? third party sites selling templates ayyy this is sick @bentossell! 🎈
@ajlkn @tzhongg haha cheers Tiffany
@bentossell @tzhongg [ its_happening.gif ] Got some interesting stuff planned (Ben knows! :)