The easiest way to keep your desktop "clean" ;)

The silliest (yet easiest!) way to keep your valuable files & enjoy a tidy desktop.
It's simply a folder. Just sweep all your desktop mess under it.
Don't need to go over old files, screenshots, downloads... One simple drag&drop and your'e "clean". Have fun!
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What's the difference between this and me creating a folder on my desktop called Carpet? ahaha
@coconidodev The difference is the icon ;) As mentioned in the description "It's simply a folder"... It is a zero-coding product - but to me, it is still a new product (only by design). You can have a folder, but it wouldn't be a carpet :)
Hi hunters! Here's a little product idea I played with, and discovered an insanely useful tool for myself and many of my friends. I hope you'll find it useful too! Shay Desktop Photo by Gantaro on Unsplash
@shayshaf shouldn't the icon get lumpy when there are things in the folder, but be flat when it's empty? :P
@chrismessina perhaps - but since this is a zero-coding product (only a folder designed as a carpet) I can not add it... perhaps a future version though! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

Love the product


Love it! Organize my desktop! Is now so easy πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ



Let's face it ... it's such a relief to have this virtual Carpet to hide all the crap!
Nice lol. This metaphor of sweeping everything under the rug is on point.
@shengyu_chen Thanks! Happy you liked it :)