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Very nice use of the push notifications. This can be applied to any app, right?
@renzzemistal Yes. Every image can have its own deeplink as well. In addition to being an engaging format, we have seen carousel format deliver at least 30% higher App Opens when compared to a single image format. We expect similar results in iOS as well
So I wanted to use this, but registration is broken. @qgraphio @manojchiriki
@elizabethhunker the registration process is back up. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for pointing it out
Great to see someone doing something interesting with the new iOS 10 notifications.
Thanks @bradenhamm. hope to bring more interesting stuff in the future
Hi, I am a Cofounder of QGraph. Happy to take any queries/questions here
@sbansi Interested in the overall segment based engagement. Interested in a demo and pricing.
@batsirai_chada sure. can you pls send an email to sachin@qgraph.io and we'll schedule a demo
On Android, the carousel push notifications don't seem to be working properly for me. The image colors keep getting inverted when my device is in Dark Mode. Is there a way to avoid this?