Sell your car hassle-free.

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No reviews yet Carlypso works like this: A seller enter details the car’s details on Carlypso’s website, and the company advises the seller with a ballpark figure of how much money it could fetch using its own pricing algorithm that takes into account local data from dealerships and successful listings (an extra large pickup truck will fetch a higher price in Texas than in Manhattan, for instance.) Carlypso then sends an inspector from its nationwide network of certified mechanics to inspect the car, take photos, and attach a “Carlypso device” that tracks the vehicle for when potential buyers come for test drives. Carlypso also formats a “for sale by owner” listing, and helps post it across a number of outlets. From there, the seller continues to use the car as usual. When it’s not in use, the seller parks it in a driveway, or a local parking lot, or down the block, so that interested buyers can check it out or take it for a spin. Carlypso filters through all of the inbound offers, and contacts the seller only when there is one that is deemed reasonable. The seller never needs to meet the person who buys the car. If the car is sold, Carlypso collects a 5 percent “listing fee” that’s capped at $1,500.
I'm ashamed to say my car is still sitting at my parent's place, not being used. I meant to sell it months ago but it's a hassle to deal with, especially remotely.
@rrhoover I told you we should get started selling your MINI! When would be a good time for an inspection? :)
Thanks guys for supporting us! We started Carlypso when Chris and I were sitting in the back-seats of our classmates' cars. After we spent hours waiting for testdrivers who didn't show up, we thought: "there must be a better way" - what else, right? :) In 5 - 10 years from now, Chris and I want to look back and ask ourselves: "can you believe that there was no convenient way to sell your car to another private person without a big hassle?" - thanks again for supporting us, we really appreciate it! Cheers, Nicky
This is awesome. I've been wanting to sell my car for the past couple of months but have been turned off by the horror stories of Carmax and the weirdness of Craigslist. Trying it out now.