An assistant that sends reminders to yourself & others

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Sounds like a good idea, but I'm frankly a little tired of all these "assistant" apps being so strongly feminized. Is this Mad Men?
@veronica Hey Veronica, that's a totally fair point, and I appreciate you bringing it up. We are sensitive to the issue of gender. If you try signing up via the website, you'll notice we actually offer a Carl option for assistant name -- so you can make your assistant male too, if you prefer. We did ultimately have to choose one name for the app overall (Carl vs. Carla) but this is an issue we'll keep in mind moving forward. We are open to your / the community's suggestions as well. Thanks, Sush
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A virtual assistant. Send reminders to yourself, friends & family. Also available on text (Which many apps are relying on recently).
Glad someone built this. I started using it yesterday and love it. It would be great to be able to delete reminders and contacts via Sms. Great job!!
@nalin Hey Nalin, thanks for your support! Deleting reminders and contacts via SMS is definitely something we're working on. I'm glad you are finding it useful so far!
Weirdly enough, using Carla in conjunction with Siri makes me feel like I'm living in the future and I'm a huge fan of avoiding context switching! I've also tried using it with my apple watch (through Siri) and it'd be interesting to begin to offer pre-canned prompts for apple watch users once that market becomes large enough. Would also be super interesting to see if these invisible app apps could become more platform-like by adding more functionality similar to an IFTTT or Workflow
To @manikarthik's point, I feel like a broken record but this is yet another Invisible App. Carla is fairly open ended, I'm curious what use cases have emerged.
@manikarthik - thanks for sharing this with the community! @rrhoover The most common use case for Carla we've observed is super fast reminder capture. Carla supports a shorthand where you just text a task and a time to create a reminder. For example, you wake up and remember three things you have to do later. You shoot off a few quick text messages to Carla: "call Joe 230pm" "email Jen 5pm" "pick up wine 10pm" Now those items are out of your mind, and Carla will text you back accordingly (it's easy to later snooze, or make corrections as needed). As far as sending reminders to others, we've seen couples and roommates use that. It's definitely a more intimate feature, so it does require approval from the receiving person. Thanks all! Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. -Sush PS: @rrhoover totally agree about the Invisible App trend. Our users are already opening their text message app pretty often, so there's no "context-switching" cost in setting a Carla reminder. And since they're checking texts throughout the day, the reminders Carla sends back are received in a handy location.
@bhaskaraspb Anytime Sushanth.