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The introduction of CareKit as per the website: Care doesn't only happen at the doctor's office. That's why Apple created CareKit. An open source framework, CareKit allows developers to build beautiful apps that leverage a variety of customizable modules. CareKit apps will let users regularly track care plans, monitor their progress, and share their insights with care teams. Since CareKit is open source, developers can build upon existing modules and contribute new code to help users world wide create a bigger—and better—picture of their health.
Apple also announced the Apple Music api yesterday 😌🎵 https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@gabriel__lewis I thought they announced that a long time ago. Shazam was updated to take advantage of the new API like 2 weeks ago?? Something like that....Now when you Shazam a song in the Shazam app it will automatically create a playlist in Apple Music with the songs you identified. Only possible with the use of the AM API...Or did Apple only give this feature to a select number of devs ahead of the official release??
@metalhaze I think it was a limited API. 🤔
Any examples of what can be built with this?
@joshdance Some examples of what's already been built (in official partnerships with Apple) at http://www.apple.com/researchkit/ Not as obvious and guiding as it could be but it helps
@joshdance Hey there! My team has been working on one of the very first official partner apps to use CareKit, so that our users can get better care from their doctors. Start is a free iPhone app that helps people taking antidepressants find out if it's working for them. Through pill reminders, daily depression tips, what-to-expect info, and personalized progress reports, users are more comfortable with their medication and feel better, faster (according to clinically validated PHQ-9 surveys and self-reported measures). We've integrated the CareKit framework in two ways: the Care Card let's users track their adherence more closely (and our side effects info is weaved into it), and the Connect Card means users can send their biweekly progress reports directly to members of their care team... even by fax! For us, the CareKit launch means that more and more people are recognizing the importance of personal experience when it comes to treating health. It's a huge deal for healthcare. Check out Start and let us know what you think: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/s...