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#4 Product of the WeekFebruary 06, 2018

JotForm Cards is the friendly way to ask people for information. In a one-question-per-page format, JotForm Cards offers motivational features, fun options like emojis and icons, micro-animations, Smart Embed, video backgrounds, and more.


  • Matt Pliszka
    Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @

    user-friendly, variety of elements, collaboration on forms, support


    missing native plugins (e.g. WP)

    A great way to collect feedback from your customers or simply collect the data in a customized, well-structured form. The way of creating the forms is just super-easy and intuitive, really like it!

    Matt Pliszka has used this product for one week.
  • scott charlson
    scott charlsonProfessional Development Coordinator

    Intuitive, Robust, Powerful, Rock Solid Support


    I have had ZERO issues with JotForm.

    I have used several similar tools over the years however JotForm soars over the others in terms of usability, performance and features. Also their pricing structure is very fair. I believe this is my 4th year of using JotForm. I have zero regrets. JotForm is a winner!!

    scott charlson has used this product for one year.


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AytekinMaker@aytekintank · Founder, JotForm
It’s not easy to hear that your product is ugly. Or that it’s confusing and out of date. Sure, the internet has its share of “haters” and trolls who love to hurl dumb insults, but sometimes that negative feedback has merit. In 2016, I knew the critics were right. JotForm was 10 years old, and our forms were looking tired. To be clear, everything was running smoothly under the hood. We were constantly releasing updates and improving the functionality. But I was conflicted. And accepting such criticism was difficult. Our company predates all the competition, and we have 3.2 million users. I also know that we’re not exactly popular in the startup world. JotForm is bootstrapped, and we’ve never taken any outside investments. We don’t hang with the cool kids. And chances are you’ll never see us on the top of TechCrunch, announcing our latest funding round. But, if people thought the competition was better, could we change that perception? Our competitors are more popular in the startup world, but did that mean we should follow their lead? Because we launched in 2006, our users work in a diverse range of industries, including more “traditional” fields such as non-profits, law, finance, accounting, and big corporations. If we indulged our FOMO and imitated the competition, our product might not work for those users. But, we operate in a hyper-competitive industry where even Google has stepped into the ring. That can be daunting. While it was tempting to panic and chase the trends, we ultimately decided to stay in our lane. We would take our time and innovate — ideally without alienating our customers in the process. It worked. Innovating on our own terms brought us a million new signups in 2017. And we are super excited to launch JotForm Cards publicly with all of you today! (ps. In case you are interested, I wrote about how focusing on the customer, not the competition, brought us over 1 million new signups in this Medium post: But let me introduce myself. I'm Aytekin, founder of JotForm. Today is one of the biggest days in our 12 years history. We're happy to get JotForm Cards out the door which took our team a year of: - 8 Hack Weeks where 3 independent product teams created 24 prototypes - 1274 usability tests watched by our user research team - Countless live A/B tests run by over 100,000 JotForm Users JotForm Cards is our most significant release ever. We focused on forms that: - Motivate users (take users on a journey and help them achieve success, hence boost form completion/conversion rates) - Make it “friendly” and “fun” (focus on emotions, give feedback, let users explore - would love to hear what you think about our new form fields such as emoji sliders that we hope will bring smile to people’s faces) - Keep it extremely easy (make it easy to FOCUS, save time & effort, be helpful, and provide a familiar experience) If you have time, check it out and please let us know what you think. We’ll be around today to hop in the comments. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and have a great day! Aytekin & JotForm Team
Ali Mese
Ali Mese@meseali ·
@aytekintank I know it isn't easy to share these words. Thanks for all the honesty and openness. Keep up the great work guys.
Filiz Gökçe
Filiz Gökçe@filiz_gokce · Software Manager, Accenture
@aytekintank Beautiful animations on form fields, love those emoji sliders. Congrats!
Andrew Askins
Andrew Askins@andrewaskins · Partner & CEO at Krit
@aytekintank dig the transparency! Thanks for sharing
Max Freiert
Max Freiert@freiert · Product Manager
@aytekintank Really love the desktop experience... I'm not sure if this is just an issue with the demo but the experience on mobile is really tough (way too scaled down). Is this an artifact of the demo is cards intended to be a desktop only experience?
AytekinMaker@aytekintank · Founder, JotForm
@freiert Hello there! Did you try it on the mobile phone, or did you just made the window smaller? Because we do have a special mobile version for JotForm Cards. You can see how that looks on this blog post: Please scroll to the "Mobile Ready" section on the post to see an animated screenshot.
Fernando Guirao
Fernando Guirao@fernandoguirao · Head of product & co-founder @ Landbot
Great work here! From the building process to the forms UX: everything is neat, with lot of small brilliant details. Congrats, team!
AytekinMaker@aytekintank · Founder, JotForm
@fernandoguirao Thank you Fernando. I super appreciate it.
Abadesi@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
Hi @aytekintank I really like the illustrations on your homepage, I think it would be cool if I was asked what type of form I'm looking to build and then be directed to all the relevant templates I can choose from to start building. Please tell us more about this project -- when did you start working on it and what's your ambition? Thanks
AytekinMaker@aytekintank · Founder, JotForm
Hi @abadesi, thank you for trying out JotForm Cards - really appreciate it. We do have the exact functionality you have just described. We did not put it in the Create Form demo because we wanted people to experience JotForm Cards quickly without going through any wizards or registration. If you click on the Templates link on the navigation, you can browse or search through our 10,000 form templates. We have all kinds of forms you might need. Hope maker message here will address your other questions, let me know if you think there is anything we can improve.
Abadesi@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@aytekintank Thanks! Love the templates, once I found them 🙂
Matt Pliszka
Matt Pliszka@matt_pliszka · researching SaaS software @
A really great addition to an already great product - JotForms 👍 Really like it for a great design and user-friendliness.
AytekinMaker@aytekintank · Founder, JotForm
@matt_pliszka Thank you Matt for your feedback. I appreciate it! 🙏
Duygu Aksoy
Duygu Aksoy@dyg_ksy · Co-Founder of
It's fantastic! The most attractive sides of the product are the design and user-friendly interface. The illustrations are great...
AytekinMaker@aytekintank · Founder, JotForm
@dyg_ksy Duygu, I'm a big fan of TDSmaker. I'm glad you liked the product.