Upload Mac screenshots anywhere, immediately paste URL

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This is great, super simple. I would kill for exactly this with the ability to record a 5 second GIF/GIFV/M4V. A lot of the stuff I need to share has multiple short steps that would be simplified by not having to take multiple sequential screenshots, then sharing them in the right order :)
@radiofreejohn Oh I'd love something like that.
I use this everyday for uploading work screenshots to an S3 bucket on our company's aws account. That way if I ever leave the company, all of my screenshot links will still work.
@miles_matthias this is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. We use s3 to host images for each daily collection (among other things) and using Amazon's s3 web dashboard to upload pics each morning is cumbersome. I feel less like a noob now. :)
@rrhoover noice! I discovered this when we decided to stop using Dropbox.
Another similar product Been using it daily for years now. Nice feature of mapping your own short domain for the link which is a whole lot of nerd awesomeness.