Capture attention for your products and ideas (book)

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@benparr Excited to see the book come out, I have been looking forward ever since hearing you on TWiStartups several months back. Added it to my book collection on Product Hunt.
@robertwilliger Thank you!
Oh oh! Some links (will put these in the top too) Preview of the book (early excerpt): Success Magazine review: Forbes Q&A: Financial Times review: And if you want to buy it:
@benparr Awesome. Going to tweet this out.. was looking forward to this book, Ben.
Thanks Ben!
@chrisvoss No, thank YOU!
Congrats, @benparr! If you could offer only one piece of advice for those seeking attention for their newly launched product, what would it be? P.S. Here's a sneak peek of Product Hunt Radio episode 36 that @eriktorenberg and I recorded with Ben last week. We'll publish it shortly.
@eriktorenberg @rrhoover Here's one -- bake validation into your product. The science shows that we pay attention to those who pay attention to us and provide us with validation, empathy and understanding (the Acknowledgement Trigger in my book). That's why products with methods for giving validation: likes, retweets, favorites, followers, views, etc. -- capture more attention in general. I have plenty more from my research!
Just got my copy on kindle! Can't wait to read it. Congrats on the launch Ben!