Automatically add captions to any video on iOS

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That's a very cool idea πŸ‘Œ I've been facing this issue many times. The only problem I see as far as I've tested it is the speed control for the captions: I haven't find much clues on when the words will appear during the video, it would be awesome to be able to control it more precisely.
@matthieudeluze totally agree with you on this. I just tried it out, and I am wondering what makes this much different (and actually harder) than splitting up clips in iMovie to add captions because it can't be timed or fixed? I'm all confused by this app now.
@matthieudeluze totally agree this would be a great improvement adding timestamps so the words would better align. For short videos, it's really not too off putting how it works now, but as they get longer can be a little challenging. On the list of things to add.
@imstilljosh The captions can be updated by hitting the pencil icon after the video has been uploaded fyi!
@jmjerlecki hmm. I'm pretty savvy... I think. But, i was echoing the issue with the placement of the text in sync with the time spoken. Looking forward to this feature added. Congrats!!!
@imstilljosh oh got it – my bad for misunderstanding and thanks for the feedback!
Atta boy James.
Wow hunted by a Real Teen! I'm honored 😜 I had noticed there wasn't an app out there that made it really easy to automatically add captions to your videos. I constantly find myself watching snapchat stories and facebook videos with the sound off (I would have to think the split of sound off vs. sound on is pretty high on mobile devices when viewing videos). Facebook's been way ahead at having support for this, but outside of that, it's still pretty clunky doing this on mobile, so wanted to make a simple app to do just that. This is just a little side project and have no intentions of turning it into something bigger, but was a fun thing to work on. I'd be stunned if instagram, snapchat, youtube, twitch, etc. all didn't have captions on videos being played with the sound off by the end of the year. The transcription works super well if the audio being recorded is clear and there isn't a lot of ambient noise. If it's not perfect you can edit the captions to what they should be by hitting the pencil icon on the edit screen after the video has been uploaded. You can also change the font style, size and color to your liking. The captions can be moved to wherever you want on the video by tapping on them and dragging. A few of my favorite things to do are: Record a video with no talking staring straight at the camera and then put captions in. That's usually good for a laugh. Kind of like my first point, add captions to a video that doesn't need captions. It's your own version of commentary. Because the words transition it gives it a different feel than just putting text on a video ala snapchat. We added a small thing that appends emojis next to certain "hot words" so say things like cool or love and it will add an emoji next to the word like this: love ❀️ My grandma is a little hard of hearing, so being able to record videos and show them to her with captions is really nice. We often forget things like this because most of us building apps are young and in good health, but this was a nice thing I noticed while building this. Improvements: It doesn't have a concept of timestamps right now when words are being said so the captions aren't necessarily in the precise spot. Adding a way to enable that would be nice, but since you're watching without sound it's often you don't know this (depending on the video) so we found it doesn't hamper the viewing experience too much. One last thing: It looks like there might be a crash for brand new users the first time you use iMessage Gif. We'll fix that but it works the next time. Let me know feedback and improvements you would like!
I like the app, looks really cool. But what is your niche? Any customer or else? Because it advertises "VIDEOS WITH CAPTIONS GET UP TO 40% MORE VIEWS".
@tsunaze A simple utility for anyone who wants to put captions on your videos. If you're a social media celeb and you care about making your videos accessible for all viewing environments this is a great tool for you. If you want to send a video to someone while they're at work, it's great for that too!
@jmjerlecki Oh, ok. It can be appealing to the right crowd, yes. Thanks for answering :)
I need that thing