Free RSS feed reader for Mac with live updates


  • Pablo ManriquezComms Director at Roll Call

    clean ux, lightweight, simple, readable...and totally free!!!


    share settings are bare bones, could be more robust

    i like it. it's everything i want in a rss reader minus some share settings. in particular, i'd like to be able to tweetdeck, reddit, and slack. it's a really great tool, and free! fyi tho, if cappuccino were looking to monetize, it's the sharability of the content in the reader that i'd pay for as a PRO-level upgrade or whatever. either way, five stars and two thumbs up for cappuccino.

    Pablo Manriquez has used this product for one day.


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Lorenzo Setale@koalalorenzo · Software Developer
Amir@amirmasoudabdol · Researcher
This looks *very* similar to Reeder. Can you point out some of the differences?
Giovanni SimoniccaMaker@kodakoder · Developer
@amirmasoudabdol beside is a very early release we plan do move away from traditional RSS adding backend services that is too early to announce
Chris Herbert@hrbrt · Graphic Designer & Pixel Hunter
This used to be a Google Reader client like 5 years ago and now looks to support native RSS feeds. It's free b/c it's in beta right now (per URL).
Giovanni SimoniccaMaker@kodakoder · Developer
@hrbrt yes correct but we plan to add also integrations with outer sources.
Chris Herbert@hrbrt · Graphic Designer & Pixel Hunter
@kodakoder Are you considering syncing to services like Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, etc?
Giovanni SimoniccaMaker@kodakoder · Developer
@hrbrt yes, sure they are planned.
Dries Nertens@drisnertens · Software developer and designer
@hrbrt Google Reader the best
Praval Singh@praval · Product/Marketing Guy at
How and why is it free? :)
Giovanni SimoniccaMaker@kodakoder · Developer
@praval is still very early beta and we need to implement some custom notifications services that will be premium
Praval Singh@praval · Product/Marketing Guy at
@kodakoder Thanks for sharing the details! The app crashes once every 3 minutes. Just can't use it. I'd love to. :/
Giovanni SimoniccaMaker@kodakoder · Developer
@praval is just the first beta expect a fix in the coming days please send the crash reports
Praval Singh@praval · Product/Marketing Guy at
@kodakoder I did, yesterday! Hope that helps. Good luck :)
Carl Shaver@carl_shaver · Loving PH
I wish windows apps were this elegant looking. 🙁