Free RSS feed reader for Mac with live updates

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This looks *very* similar to Reeder. Can you point out some of the differences?
@amirmasoudabdol beside is a very early release we plan do move away from traditional RSS adding backend services that is too early to announce
This used to be a Google Reader client like 5 years ago and now looks to support native RSS feeds. It's free b/c it's in beta right now (per URL).
@hrbrt yes correct but we plan to add also integrations with outer sources.
@kodakoder Are you considering syncing to services like Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, etc?
@hrbrt yes, sure they are planned.
@hrbrt Google Reader the best

i like it. it's everything i want in a rss reader minus some share settings. in particular, i'd like to be able to tweetdeck, reddit, and slack. it's a really great tool, and free! fyi tho, if cappuccino were looking to monetize, it's the sharability of the content in the reader that i'd pay for as a PRO-level upgrade or whatever. either way, five stars and two thumbs up for cappuccino.


clean ux, lightweight, simple, readable...and totally free!!!


share settings are bare bones, could be more robust

How and why is it free? :)
@praval is still very early beta and we need to implement some custom notifications services that will be premium
@kodakoder Thanks for sharing the details! The app crashes once every 3 minutes. Just can't use it. I'd love to. :/
@praval is just the first beta expect a fix in the coming days please send the crash reports
@kodakoder I did, yesterday! Hope that helps. Good luck :)