AI powered shopping list: Never forget anything at the store

Capitan is a first smart grocery shopping list app to help you save time, make smart suggestions and sync your family’s requests whenever you are located within or near the stores.

A smooth, breezy interface allows you to easily create and share shopping lists with friends or family in a matter of seconds.

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Hi all :) I’m a founder of Capitan, the grocery list app that helps people spend less time on shopping. We are trying to solve a very annoying problem - nobody, and I mean nobody, likes making extra trips to the store to buy items they forgot (and nobody likes being yelled at for forgetting something stupid like milk). Although an artificial intelligence team working on a shopping list app might sound like overkill, the idea was born from sheer necessity: bootstrapping a startup while living together in a shared apartment makes it frustratingly hard to collaborate on shopping routines. All it takes is just a bit of customer development (which we did for almost 2 months) to learn that the same issue seems to resonate for a huge demographic throughout the US. After months of beta testing with over than 1000 users we've made a number of tweaks and it looks like now, finally (!) we have a shopping list done right. The app is smart; it learns your habits. The more you use the app, the more intuitive the reminders and suggestions become - such as letting you know that you normally buy milk at a certain store, or that you’re running low on a specific ingredient at home that you frequently buy and haven’t bought recently. Feel free to ask us anything - my team and I will be delighted to answer your questions throughout the day, thanks! ^_^
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Hi @arturkiulian, congrats on the launch! I tried out the app, nice clear interface (and great on-boarding experience!. Had a 'list' of questions I've been thinking about since using the app: 1. After adding something to the list, I was expecting I'll be able to select a store and it'll display the aisle(s) for each. I wasn't sure what to do once I setup the list. I am guessing it triggers automatically based on my location? Or I just open the app once I am at a store and it'll magically tell me where to find what (and for lazy people like myself, perhaps the most optimum route instead of chasing things down one aisle and walking halfway across the store to another only to come back to the original one for another item :D) 2. Any plans for adding non-grocery stores (like Home Depot / Lowes) - it'll be amazing to be able to find things there! Easy to get lost there. 3. Is there a list (no pun intended) somewhere that I missed to see what stores are supported right now? 4. Thoughts on Image recognition to add things to the list? Snap a pic and it gets added to your list. 5. Thoughts on adding Pricing at some point? 6. I often find myself emailing a 'list' to myself, any plans to allow emailing a list somewhere and getting it imported into the app? Thanks!
@sarthakgrover @arturkiulian Hi Sarthak, sorry for the confusion that is probably caused by our previous press but we've decided not to proceed with in-store directions due to the low interest from both people and stores for that, we've decided to focus on simpler but more effective things such as smart reminders and seamless collaboration. >5. Thoughts on adding Pricing at some point? Yes, for sure :) Image recognition is also in the "must have" ideas in the funnel, just haven't had a chance to scratch that! >6. I often find myself emailing a 'list' to myself, any plans to allow emailing a list somewhere and getting it imported into the app? Sounds useful indeed, we will think about this one, thanks for suggestion! ^_^
@arturkiulian love it. Thank you for sharing it with us and the disco cat!
@arturkiulian Great to hear that. Goodluck, I'll be trying this out some more (love the collaboration bit so far!)
As a beta tester for this app, I can say that this app has become essential in my life. I had been looking for a shopping list app that does everything I need and is simple to use for the past few years. This app is the first to meet all of my criteria, and also does a whole lot more! Just the simple fact that my fiance can update my lists while I'm at the store makes this app essential. No more searching through text messages or trying to remember what is said over the phone or in person. Artur has done a great job with this app, and I am sure that it will always be improving and getting more features that don't get in the way of usability. Thanks for a great app!
@n3yne Thanks so much Sean! <3
As a beta tester, I've had the opportunity to use this app for the past two months and it has been a game-changer in our household. My husband and I are always thinking of things that we need throughout the week - we write them down right away, but when it comes to when we go out to do our shopping trips, we would always forget where we put our mini-lists from the week. Capitan has allowed us to add things as we think of them and it will automatically update the other person's list. I can't to see what future updates are in store for the users - we will continue to use this app and we encourage everyone to give it a shot!
@adanneker Thanks Anna <3
Congrats! Great app which can be very useful for every family. Will try it today ;)
Hice. Will try it right now. Any features in your roadmap​ @arturkiulian?