Animate in Xcode without knowing how to code

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Canvas is great. Also check out Meng's book Design + Code if you are into iOS design or development.
@davidkmckinney Yeah, the book is amazing (which lead me to that Pod)
@raulriera agree. I think Meng has single-handedly inspired a whole group of designers and developers. Not only is his output good for learning, it's also great for the community.
@raulriera Where I can find the book ?
Hoping @jamztang and @MengTo join the conversation!
@nikkielizdemere thanks for the mention, really cool to see Product Hunt being so popular!
@nikkielizdemere thanks for the all who loves and shares Canvas to others!
@riccardoar you might like to check this out too
Glad to see this is on PH -- I've had Canvas bookmarked for months! If you are an iOS dev, also check @jamztang's other work (especially CSStickyHeaderFlowLayout) on GitHub.
I recently checked this out and went with POP instead. I'm a programatic-UI heavy and POP fits the bill better. Very rad library nonetheless!