Canva for iPhone

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I downloaded and tried this app early this morning. Amazing. I've been a user of Canva for about two years and it's pretty cool. I'm a Graphic Designer and when I'm on the go and away from my computer, Canva is a great alternate way for me to create social media graphics. I've been waiting for an iPhone version. Using apps like Adobe Spark Post and Over are great, but Canva is now my go-to iPhone app now.
@jaxxthedesigner I'm the same as you. been using canva and I love the simplicity. even as a designer, I appreciate the detail put into the templates. really quality stuff. and now on iPhone, I see myself using this a lot.
Well done guys! Representing the Aussie Startups!
Both as a teacher and freelance designer, Canva is always something I come back to. It's a great mix of affordable, accessible, and robust; I can use it as part of professional design projects, or my ninth-graders can use it to make book covers for a writing project. The UI of the app has an echo of Instagram, but still allows for many of the uniquely powerful tools of Canva. This lets users, even those who are design neophytes, focus their energy on what they're making, not figuring out how to do things. Especially on small devices, that's the most common reason I see people say "we'll just use [what they're familiar with]." Further, although they're not the hottest thing for the general market right now, iPod touches are still a great way to affordably integrate tech into teaching—and, of course, many students have their own iPhones. Making Canva a universal iOS app, in addition the the existing web and Chrome apps, opens a new level of accessibility for Canva as an educational tool. Also, it's solid for when you're on an hour-long public transit stint and want to get something done without taking out a relatively-conspicuous computer/tablet.
How does this compare/differentiate from Over?
FINALLY!!! Can't wait to try this out, I've been reliant on the desktop version forever now