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#5 Product of the DayJuly 18, 2018

With Canny for Intercom, you can capture feedback you get from customers during conversations. You can also collect feedback directly in Intercom's new Messenger home. Show your customers that their feedback is valuable. Canny will send updates when you launch new features. Setting it up only takes a couple minutes. Try it out! 🙃


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Sarah Hum
Sarah HumMaker@sarahhum · Founder of Canny
Hi Product Hunt! 👋Thanks to Hiten for hunting 🙃 Intercom has been our top requested integration for a while now—for good reason. If your team gets a lot of feedback in Intercom, this one's for you. With Canny for Intercom, your team can: 💬 Capture feedback you get from customers in conversations ✨ Add Canny to Intercom's shiny new Messenger home 💌 Follow up automatically when you ship new features It's been great to see how Canny has been able to help hundreds of teams make better product decisions. Including awesome teams like Flexport, Bench, and Compass. Since we're just that excited, we're offering Canny for FREE (up to 50 tracked users) to anybody who uses Intercom and signs up TODAY. All you have to do is send us your favorite cat GIF via Intercom on and we'll activate your free plan. We can't wait for you to try it out. Let us know what you think!
Stu@sbgriffi · Designer
@sarahhum 🆒idea. great work. fun video. energy!!
Sarah Hum
Sarah HumMaker@sarahhum · Founder of Canny
Thanks @sbgriffi!
Vinay Hiremath
Vinay HiremathHiring@vhmth · Founder & Head of Engineering @ Loom
Loom used to use Canny back when it was called Product Pains. We've since moved to Trello and really felt the pain (bad-dum tsss) of not being on Canny again. We're switching back to Canny and are already feeling a huge boost in transparency with our user base. It's really cool to see that what worked well for 10k users back then is working well for over 700k users today. :-) Keep killing it Sarah and Andrew!
Sarah Hum
Sarah HumMaker@sarahhum · Founder of Canny
@vhmth Opentest + Product Pains! ❤️It's been so great to see Loom take off and the team grow so quickly. We're rooting for you guys. Great to have you back 😊
Jorgen Phillips
Jorgen Phillips@jorgen_phillips
Canny has been an incredible tool for us at ClickUp. We also use Intercom and the entire team was impressed at the ease and UX of this integration, not only for our users but for our agents as well. Keep it up Canny!
Sarah Hum
Sarah HumMaker@sarahhum · Founder of Canny
@jorgen_phillips so glad to hear! It's been great having your team onboard. As always, don't hesitate to give us feedback 😊
Looks great! Intercom just got a lot more useful.
Sarah Hum
Sarah HumMaker@sarahhum · Founder of Canny
@pugson Thanks Wojtek! 😊
Philip I. Thomas
Philip I. Thomas@philipithomas · Co-founder at moonlight
Congrats! Can you share you share your experience with building an Intercom Messenger integration? What were the technical challenges?
Andrew Rasmussen
Andrew RasmussenMaker@a13n · Founder of Canny
@philipithomas Hey Philip! Thanks so much for your support. Intercom's Messenger platform is new and powerful. You can add multi-screen UIs, admin flows, user-facing apps, and even iframes for custom functionality. With power comes complexity. It definitely took an hour or so of reading through their documentation to familiarize myself with what we could/couldn't do, and how the integration would work. But honestly the integration was super smooth compared to other major platforms that we've integrated with. I won't name names 🙂 The process looked something like this: – Got access to Intercom's documentation (currently in beta) – Used ngrok to hook our Intercom app up to our dev server – Build, try the app in Intercom, iterate, repeat – Submit final version to their team for feedback – Replace ngrok endpoints with prod endpoints Their platform team was quite responsive and helpful along every step of the way. They even added a few features that were really useful to us in the time we were building our app. Let me know if I can dive into more detail about anything in particular!
Paul Adams
Paul Adams@padday · VP Product at Intercom
@philipithomas @a13n Thanks Andrew for the feedback. Seeing companies like yours launch Apps makes this thing feel so worthwhile for us :) We're deeply committed to making our Messenger platform really easy for other companies to use and quickly realise value from it. So please keep the feedback coming!
Andrew Rasmussen
Andrew RasmussenMaker@a13n · Founder of Canny
@padday Hey Paul, thanks for the platform! It's been useful at work, and the integration has already been great for our business.