With the Canny Changelog, you can close the feedback loop by announcing your newest features. Celebrate your team's hard work and make sure your customers are up to date. Try it out in our free 14-day trial!
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Hello again Product Hunt! 👋 Thanks to Hiten for the hunt 🙏 We started Canny to help teams organize feedback to inform their product decisions. Now that teams are confident in their priorities, we wanted to help them share new features loud and proud. That's why we're introducing the Canny Changelog. It's is a natural extension of our existing product—you can now go full circle: 💬 Collect feedback to inform your product decisions ⚡️ Keep people updated by adding ideas to your roadmap 🎉 Announce new features via the changelog Having a changelog is a one of the best ways to increase feature awareness and adoption. Check out our latest blog post for more about why having a changelog is awesome (canny.io/blog). To celebrate this launch we're offering new customers 50% off for your first 3 months! All you have to do is send us your favorite dog GIF via Intercom on canny.io and we'll activate your discount. We love feedback so let us know what you think!
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There is a growing set of products that focus on use cases that product folks have. Canny is no exception. They've now added a changelog feature on top of their customer feedback tool. So you can close the loop from feedback to shipped feature. If you're looking for a solution that combines these two things, look no further!
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Thanks again for the hunt @hnshah! 🙏
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I launched my startup about 6 months ago, since day 1 we've been using Canny to let customers automatically post and upvote feature requests, being able to see at any point what are the top/trending feature requests has enabled us to ship product that truly makes our customers happy. Canny is a must for any product company that truly values their customers.
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Thanks for your support @delgiudices! We're so happy to have your team onboard 😊

We've been using Canny for about a year now. It's been great for guiding our next feature requests and showing our customers that we care.


I like how it's automatic. Previously, it has been an extra step to write our product updates in our new releases document.


Not sure yet. Perhaps an integration with our Intercom mailing list?

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Didn't even read about your product and upvoted you just for the video! Awesome idea and team!
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Yessss thanks @lena_grechits! Glad we were able to brainwash you with our all star power 🤩
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