The easiest way to collect & manage feedback


Sarah Hum
@sarahhum · Founder of Canny
Hi Product Hunt! Firstly, HUGE thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us. 😊 Canny is an incredibly simple way for teams to stay on top of user feedback. Here’s how it works: – Send your users to your Canny board where they can post & vote on feature requests – You get a list of exactly what your users want most – Mark a feature as “in progress” or “fixed… See more
Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Loved what @sarahhum and @a13n were doing with Product Pains before — and now they've really dug in and developed a modern, attractive take on open customer collaboration.
Mohamed Yunus
@tweetyunus · CEO Everyly.
@sarahhum and @a13n Beautiful. Just beautiful. This product is actually a dear hog for startups in the very initial stage, as it helps them to curate and set the community accordingly with the feedbacks from the early users. At the same, early users don't like to be bothered much as well, but this @canny makes it super fused. I am your user now :)
Vinay Hiremath
@vhmth · Founder & Head of Engineering @ Loom
We used Product Pains early on at Loom (previously Openvid/Opentest), and it was incredibly useful for us to figure out what we needed to build to get to where we are today. I'm confident in saying that it would have been much harder to foster an intimate relationship with our power users had it not been for having a Canny board embedded on our website. Keep… See more
Max Stoiber
@mxstbr · Freelance Frontend Developer
Thanks to Canny (back when it was ProductPains) we at Keystone know exactly what our users expect us to work on. (https://keystonejs.canny.io/feat...) It's simplified our management of the project, keeps our issue tracker clean of discussions and overall has greatly improved our lives maintaining a large open source project.