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Canny is a single place for all customer feedback. It saves you time managing all the feedback while keeping your customers in the loop. Let your customers post and vote on feedback from within your website or mobile app. You'll get an organized list of feedback that you can use to inform your roadmap.

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Hi Product Hunt! Firstly, HUGE thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us. 😊 Canny is an incredibly simple way for teams to stay on top of user feedback. Here’s how it works: – Send your users to your Canny board where they can post & vote on feature requests – You get a list of exactly what your users want most – Mark a feature as “in progress” or “fixed” and everyone who voted gets notified This helps your team prioritize features with quantified user interest, all while saving time and keeping your users in the loop. Check out some live examples: – Facebook uses Canny to keep track of feature requests for React Native ( – Mark Suster’s Snapstorms uses Canny to ask his audience what they want him to Snap about ( Product Hunters get 20% off all of our plans through April 10th, no discount code needed. We’d love to hear your comments and feedback! Of course, post feature requests here: 😉😻
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@sarahhum @chrismessina Awesome! Congrats on having Facebook use your product... 👊The UI looks great. It looks like Typeform for feature votes. We'll check whether it can be useful for us at Salesflare as well!!
@jeroen_corthout @sarahhum @chrismessina Can't this be done on a public Trello board?
@hakosam Yes! People are trying to make Trello work for this, but it eventually looks like this: We think Canny is way friendlier for users and more informative for teams. We hope to build out features for this specific use case to make it even more valuable.
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Loved what @sarahhum and @a13n were doing with Product Pains before — and now they've really dug in and developed a modern, attractive take on open customer collaboration.
@chrismessina Hey Chris, we really appreciate your support and hunting us. We feel that many companies are not good enough at listening to their users, and that most b2b software is clunky. We wanted Canny to be simple to use for teams and their users.
@sarahhum and @a13n Beautiful. Just beautiful. This product is actually a dear hog for startups in the very initial stage, as it helps them to curate and set the community accordingly with the feedbacks from the early users. At the same, early users don't like to be bothered much as well, but this @canny makes it super fused. I am your user now :)
@tweetyunus You are too kind. We know how difficult it is to build a product from the ground up. Feedback is CRUCIAL from the beginning so we love supporting new products!
We used Product Pains early on at Loom (previously Openvid/Opentest), and it was incredibly useful for us to figure out what we needed to build to get to where we are today. I'm confident in saying that it would have been much harder to foster an intimate relationship with our power users had it not been for having a Canny board embedded on our website. Keep up the great work Andrew and Sarah!
@vhmth 🙏 thanks so much for the kind note Vinay. We're lucky to get to work with amazing teams like you, @_shahedk, and @joethomas_x. Building relationships is major 🔑 to building awesome products. Keep it up!
Thanks to Canny (back when it was ProductPains) we at Keystone know exactly what our users expect us to work on. ( It's simplified our management of the project, keeps our issue tracker clean of discussions and overall has greatly improved our lives maintaining a large open source project.
@mxstbr Thank you for being with us since the beginning! For big open source projects, Github Issues can get real messy. We're glad we can give back to the open source community! ❤️