Canecto 2.0

Get an AI assistant to do your web analytics

We have just released the new version of Canecto for people who do not want to:

Try to lean the complexity of web analytics

Guess on what to improve on their site

Spend time on the analytical process

You get out-of-the-box insights and recommendations into core website management areas

Site traffic

User Journeys

Content Quality

User interest

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Hi. We have just released Canecto 2.0, and I would like to put a few more words on what you can expect from the tool. With Canecto you get an AI Assistant to do your web Analytics, so you can spend your time improving your business. Canecto monitors your website and delivers actionable Web Management insights and recommendations on core features that covers all aspect of Website Management, such as: Site traffic - Manage the quality of your traffic from a business perspective. The focus is on conversions. User Journeys - boost your conversion based on an understanding of your user's behaviour and intents. Content Quality - Canecto AI algorithms automatically identify the pages with the most quality improvements and let you know what to change to make it perform better. User interest - Honestly, Do you really know what interest your users? Get insights in trending user interest or most declining user interest on a site. The best part is that you get everything out of the box so you can focus on your business and not on doing web analytics, or as we say it: "The smart way NOT to do Web Analytics." I hope you will try out the free version, and please let me know what you think of it and how we can make your life without web analytics even better. Thanks! Per Founder and CEO
Great job !! Any Wordpress plugin to use this piece of artificial intelligence?
@ayush_chandra Thanks. I know that this was not as you were asking for, but we do have a WordPress plugin. However, for the time being, it just allows you to install the script easy. Getting back to your question. Should we make a Wordpress plugin? Our take on it - and please comment on it. People want convenience and do not want to log in to yet another marketing tool. This should be the reason why we should introduce a WordPress plugin, so they did not have to log in to our application. Our first approach will be to make a set automatically generated reports that you receive as e-mails. We think e-mails is a good media to proactively push relevant information on changes on user behaviour and recommendations on what to do about it on your site. We could do the same with a WordPress plugin. And here is my question to you. Would people use and appreciate such information in Wordpress as much as if they received it in real-time in a report? If it is really important to you and many others, then it would mean that we should put more focus on the WordPress development. So please let me know your reflections on it. I know that the two solutions can work together, but our current priority is to push recommendations in e-mail reports. Best regards, Per