Out of the box website analytics and optimization

Canecto is the smart way to handle website analytics.

Canecto´s AI based software tells you exactly which pages you need to improve and what to change on each page so they perform at their best.

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Hi My name is Per and I am the founder and CEO of Canecto. I would like to put a few words on the application that we have made, and what it can do for you. Canecto monitors your website and delivers actionable web management insights and recommendations. We have designed Canecto so: * You don't have to learn the complexity of web analytics * You don't have to guess how to improve on your site * You don't have to spend time gathering data Canecto gives you actionable web management findings based on AI algorithms that learn how your users interact with your website. You then receive recommendations from these findings on how to improve your site, or as insights that can help you decide what to change and improve. Most web analytics tools just look at traffic, but for the best results, you need to look deeper. Canecto gets you insights and recommendations into core website management areas such as: * Site Traffic Management: Get to know your users' behaviour better * User Journey: Boost conversions based on users' behaviour and intentions * Content Quality: Improve your content as your users want it * User interest: Feel your users' gains and pains The findings are delivered to you in a set of predesigned reports: 24 Hours in 60 Seconds: Your daily status report with core traffic data and updates if you need to take action for significant changes. The Ten Minutes Report: Your weekly overview of core elements on your website. This report focuses on traffic trends, user behavior, and areas of interest. The 2-hour Report: This report gives you a fundamental insight into how your website is performing on all core elements and can be used as the foundation for any change or development of your site. I hope you get the feeling that we try to use technology to make your life easier in an area that many people need to have a professional focus on, but do not really excel in. I would love any kind of feedback on your experience using Canecto or great ideas on what we can do to make web analytics even more simple to you. Thanks, Per
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