Candid Catmera

Capture cat selfies with this app

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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This should have won a Golden Kitty Award.
Melanie Amini
@themelamini · Founder Discovering Coffee & GossipMedia
Gosh, I love this!! It's such a clever way to get your cat to finally get off its lazy ass and text you back!
@herr_rockn · Web Specialist
Now i'm really looking furrward to my two weeks off during christmastime. Hope to see a lot of pawsome cat selfies. 😺😺
Mike Kosulin
@mikekosulin · co-founder & CDO at MaskMe.ru
Karim Jedda
@karimjdda · Big Data Architect, Prosieben Sat1
This is the most awesome thing ever xD