Canary Cold Brew

Cold brew for the 21st century

High quality cold brew delivered straight to your door, on your terms.

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Hi there! I'm a co-founder of Canary. Just wanted to introduce myself and let you know how excited we are to launch. Here's a bit of context about how Canary Cold Brew came to be. This idea has actually been in our minds for ~7 years after we realized 2 things: 1) We love cold brewed coffee 2) There's no convenient way to drink it at home. These days you can order glasses, mattresses, jewelry, even a toothbrush online! Why are we still drinking coffee the old way? There's been lots of innovation in hot coffee at home (k-cups and all). Meanwhile for us cold brew lovers (50M+ cold brew drinkers in the US last year and growing fast), we still have to choose between paying over $4 per cup, waiting on long lines, or making it at home from scratch (~12 hour process). It felt like a solvable problem, and earlier this year, we decided to imagine what the perfect cold brew experience would look like from the ground up. We're creating high quality cold brew delivered to your door on your schedule, filled with modern tech-enabled convenience. By cutting out the middlemen and shipping direct-to-consumer, we're able to price at ~half the cost of a typical cold brew. It's been an incredibly rewarding journey even getting to this point and with your help, we can make these cold brew dreams a reality. We'd really love to hear your thoughts on our project and we're excited to create the perfect cold brew experience together.
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Cool project. Where does it ship to? Europe too?
@kingslyjake Thanks! Currently we're only shipping within the United States for our Kickstarter campaign, but do plan to ship internationally in the near future.