Build a bond with new old friends.

A Trusted Support Group With People Like You

Campfire gives you support for the biggest challenge in your life, from a small group of trusted peers who share that challenge.

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I love the model. In my personal mental health journey support groups have played a huge role but they've usually been about broader topics. I like how Campfire deals with one particular mental illness in each support group. Also, to know that we're all in this together, even though sitting in different countries is reassuring. Great work @stingle @pourasghar. I'll be happy to help, if needed, in any possible manner :)
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Things that came to my mind immediately: - I like the idea - Like a book club - but about our real stories. You should build more on it. - A very important thing - you mention get immediate help just once and at the bottom of the page. For a person going through a mental illness, anything anytime can act as a trigger. Maybe even the idea of talking to 5 strangers. So, you should put the immediate help link somewhere above as well. Hope these help. I'll be looking forward to what comes next for Campfire :) @pourasghar
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This seems really interesting. @itzel_yrev Have you gotten a chance to try it out?
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@jakecrump I have not. Will give it a chance soon ;)
@itzel_yrev @jakecrump Hi All! I'm a founder of Campfire. AMA, and would be great if you could add me as a maker. You can reach me at -
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Woah, this looks like a very useful app. Essentially upgrading message boards. Will keep an eye on this.
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Awesome! 🤩❤️
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Disclosure, I'm a founder :)


It's awesome!


Most people aren't familiar with this experience

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