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get it is a website dedicated for the hiring/rental of campervans and motorhomes. A Peer to peer platform for owners to lease their vehicle. We handle the whole rental experience for the owner/driver. Our goal is to let everyone enjoy the freedom of a campervan holiday and to allow owners to generate extra income

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    Secure and easy to use



    Love the way the deposit is securely stored, no need for cash or cheques anymore.

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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
We should check this out when the weather turns next year, @suzywillow.
Leigh Griffiths
Leigh GriffithsMaker@leigh_griffiths · Co-Founder
@suzywillow @rrhoover You absolutely should. Give me a shout when you do and I'll be happy to show you the sites and sounds of the UK.
Leigh Griffiths
Leigh GriffithsMaker@leigh_griffiths · Co-Founder
@suzywillow @rrhoover p.p.s. Give us a shout out on the sociable networks of your choosing? 😁
I've worked at a RV dealership here in the states & have had this idea in my head for a few years now. Great way to help RV owners with their monthly payment and storage fees. Basically car rental concept but for RVS. Goodluck guys, site looks great and seamless.
Leigh Griffiths
Leigh GriffithsMaker@leigh_griffiths · Co-Founder
@mikewittstock Thank you. Those comments are much appreciated. It's been a lot of hard work!
Alex MacDonald
Alex MacDonald@alexsmacd · Apps are awesome, y'all.
Are there plans to launch a version for the U.S.?
Leigh Griffiths
Leigh GriffithsMaker@leigh_griffiths · Co-Founder
@alexsmacd it's on our list of things to achieve, Alex. We may need to seek investment to do this from a USA based company.
Sean D. Emory
Sean D. Emory@_seandavid · Founder of Avory & Co. Growth investing.
How do you compare from Mighway that has strong backing.
Leigh Griffiths
Leigh GriffithsMaker@leigh_griffiths · Co-Founder
@_seandavid Hi Sean, thanks for the query. We have built CVC with a great deal of pre-thought. Our site is quick, intuitive, flexible and functional to incorporate a vast variety of rentals. We have taken 20k unique American visitors over the weekend since ran a news story on us and the site remained fluid. Yes, we are similar but currently focusing on the UK market which is growing fast in this sector.