Campaign Genius

Send dynamic email content through any platform, instantly.

Campaign-Genius delivers 2x-10x improvements in email marketing by delivering dynamic, personalized content from existing email & marketing platforms.

This Elastic Content™ can be continually updated after send, in the inbox, on-demand and at scale.

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Hello, Product Hunters! 👋 I'm Matthew, co-founder and Chief Explainer at Say It Visually. We're hoping to get your valuable suggestions and feedback on our new SaaS content service, Campaign-Genius. ( We want to help you send dynamic, personal and visually engaging email, without changing your email/CRM/marketing platforms. You can send personalized visuals to all recipients at once, and you keep control of message content after Send -- update prices, progress, inventory and more right in the inbox. How? 👉Create Your Own Templates 👈 :If you can lay out a presentation slide, you can create an Elastic Content template. (+ 2 million free HD photos built in.) 👉Works With Your Existing Platforms 👈 :Tags and merge fields for MailChimp, SendGrid, Active Campaign, BombBomb, Dotmailer, Campaign Monitor, Emma, GetResponse, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Marketo, Ontraport, Pardot, Salesforce, Vertical Response, Benchmark, Act-On, SharpSpring, MessageGears and dozens more built in. 👉Zero Integration👈 : Copy. Paste. Use. We'd love to get some feedback and are happy to answer your questions. 🙏 What can you do: ✓ Sign up at ✓ Send your questions & suggestions to ✓ Tell an email marketer about us!
@campaign @matthew_dunn1 does it work with mixmax or gmail?
@campaign @julianmiller Hi Julian. Yes, with some "but..."'s While you can't edit the HTML in a Gmail canned response, we provide a "Copy as HTML" button so you can paste C-G template HTML into a Gmail canned response. (Yeah, it's convoluted.) Gmail isn't designed for large-scale email marketing - although plenty of folks use it that way. Merge fields aren't native/standardized, so personalization is a bit more tricky. (e.g. I've used C-G templates with Mail Merge for Gmail successfully -- just a question of getting the tags right.) Net net - dynamic stuff (like scheduled content updates) work -- personalization is a little trickier because it'll be specific to the template/merge add-on being used. Great question though - we'll add a video tutorial on Gmail use today. Tks.
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@campaign @matthew_dunn1 hi there, is there anything similar for sending dynamic text emails (not images like you do)?
Great way to drive another layer of personalisation into emails!
@lachlankirkwood thanks! We're excited at the potential this opens up for email marketing.
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