Camera+ 6

with manual camera controls for iOS 8

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It's really hard to build a sustainable business with $1 or $2 apps. Tap tap tap is one of those studios that's been able to do it by creating awesome category defining apps, like Camera+, by continuing to ship high quality, feature-rich, updates that people love . It's no surprise that they've sold over 10 million apps. ( Wonder how sales of Camera+ are doing after a few years on the App Store -- Here's an oldie but goodie from their blog > And another more controversial post here >
yeah got the update yesterday - the changelog is like a blog post lol. but good app - i've used it for some time now.
After using this app for a day, its clear that this is a pretty big update. Tons of nifty tweaks everywhere. Been using this app since they launched. I am a big fan of their focus on their core user base.
We recently put together a list of beautiful/unique/fun iOS photo apps. I've heard good things about Camera+ but haven't tried it out yet.
I'm consistently amazed by how this app just keeps getting better, its just so slick.