Create 3D VR videos with your smartphone

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It links nearby smartphones to form camera arrays, producing VR video that previously was only possible with costly, specialized equipment.
Love the use of 2 phones use to get the 2 vantage points.
@kristofertm precise sync to create stereoscopic imaging and video
Dear Hunters: It took us two and a half years of research and development to get to this point: an APP that allows anyone to capture and share VR video, in true 3D. No cable. No rig. No post-production. For FREE. VR video by and for everyone. The lack of user generated content has been a big pain point for virtual reality. Professional-grade VR cameras are designed for Hollywood and way out-of-reach for the mass market. Consumer-grade VR cameras are single-taskers with a less hefty price tag but also less quality. Camarada leverages smartphones that everyone already own, to capture stunning 3D videos that rival those created with specialized cameras that cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. We believe the most powerful application of VR is preserving and reliving our true memories, and sharing them with our loved ones. Now we can do exactly that! Please let us know your questions and comments! Thanks!
I finally have a use for the extra phone I have laying around? What's the ETA on the iOS version?
@mosheimedia Yes. For people who don't have that luxury (extra phone laying around), you can do this anytime you have friends around you... iOS version coming soon.