Calorie data for common, and not-so-common activities.

Calories for your information. Find out how many calories you burn from an extensive list of common, and not-so-common activities.
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Maker was made for those of us concerned with our calorie intake. Or not. Delve into the depths of the calorie. Discover its mysteries. Taste its nutritious, gooey center. For example, who knew that changing a light bulb burns half as many calories as catching fish with your bare hands! Or that jogging on the spot burns only a third of the amount as operating automated heavy-duty machinery! Learn these and many more equally important facts, impress that date, and leave potential employers in awe with your new-found knowledge. Only at Probably.
@terkelg It's a funny yet interesting product you made there. I like it.
@syswarren Thank you Julie!