Private and decentralized calorie counter app

The fastest and most useful way to lose weight is to count the calories you consume. This is the basic principle are designed to help you lose weight.
Calorie app helps you track your weight and the amount of calories you consume daily.
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This is pretty cool! I like that its a dapp :)
does the app have mobile version? that would be nice and more useful :)
@jana_c Not yet, Jana. It's on our roadmap. Thank you for your review :D
Good idea. So helpful :D
@nam_tr_n2 thanks for your feedback :D
Never heard of blockstack. What's the benefit of storing this on the blockchain? As a tracker goes, this is probably too basic when you consider all the other options out there. Need to track macros at a minimum.
@rossdcurrie Hi Ross, Thank you for your question. Blockstack is a decentralized computing platform that helps developers build decentralized applications (dapps) Calorie is a decentralized app built with Blockstack. Your data are encrypted and only you can access to them. You're right, the app is kind of basic now. It's like a MVP to validate how users react and use a dapps on a daily basis. We also plan to add more features soon.
@rossdcurrie @khoa_nguyen15 But you didn't answer, *why* for calculating calories you need blockchain?
@rossdcurrie @dzumax Honestly, you don't need to use a dapp (app built on top of blockchain technology) at all. From the user perspective, there is no big difference, even though a dapp is more complex to build than a normal app. If you really care about your privacy, dapp is a game changer! Imaging this situation, when you use a calorie counter app, you input some food containing 'organic' word. Then, you're surfing the Internet and see some ads about Vega One Organic product on Amazon or Growing Organic Foods courses, etc I use the 'organic' keyword and ads as an example, but what if you use more sensitive and personal words (data) that you don't want others to know about? If you use a dapp, all your data are belong to you. Only you can access your personal data. No third-party can sell your data for other purposes anymore.
I would love to start using it, but as you know - calorie counting sucks... it takes effort and will to count everything. The more it can be automated the better. The thing that is probably dealbreaker in this space is the database of foods and their nutrition stats. Any plans to build and implement that? P.S. I think this has immense potential, as all calorie counting apps are full of ads and they sell your data...
@stanislav_dim Hi Stanislav, Thank you for your feedback. Agree with your point. We also plan to reduce the repeatable steps to track calorie. A detail food database would be considered. I love to hear that you like the privacy and encrypted data feature. It's our advantage over other tracking calorie app.
@khoa_nguyen15 Hey, a private calorie counter is my dream, honestly! However it will take me 3-4 times more time to use it then fatsecret or myfitnesspal. Losing so much time is not an option to be honest. While I'm writing, I have an idea - if you are able to import my stuff from a popular fitness tracker, I would hop in as most of the foods I track are already added.
Great idea, @stanislav_dim I just list 'import from other popular trackers' feature on the roadmap. Thanks. Would you mind telling me your current calorie tracker app (Fatsecret or Myfitnesspal or other)?
@khoa_nguyen15 Switched from Myfitnesspal to Fatsecret because the latter Privacy Policy seemed not that evil.