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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 12, 2020
Calmind is a simple-yet-powerful tool to boost your productivity, sleep better and help you live a healthy lifestyle. Calmind uses natural life-hacks to reduce anxiety and stress and produce serotonin to keep your mind relaxed and focused.
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Cool idea Vladimir, how do you think this compares to headspace and apps like that? I like to listen to lofi to calm down and relax a lot. How can you promise those things, have you done any research on the impact of your specific app? good luck!
Stress. Anger. Anxiety. Insomnia. We live in chaos. 🤯 People do not treat their minds with the same care and respect as their bodies. It is not enough to eat properly to make a person healthy. A few years ago it was an idea. At a time when the awareness of mental health was taboo. An idea that solved our problems with sleep, concentration and helped us get rid of stress. At our design studio Naum, we've decided to create something meaningful and we managed to launch a pilot version of the project called Calmind. 🧘🏻 Based on scientific research in collaboration with experts, we've been able to design a tool that will help you improve your mental health. We promise better and healthier sleep. Increase productivity, concentration, and many other cognitive functions. We want to say thanks to everyone who put his hand into the work. It was not easy sometimes, but we believe it makes sense to continue. This soft launch is just the beginning of a long journey. Currently, we are developing new exciting features and custom content with people from 9 countries. (bedtime sleep stories for adults, special audio tracks, ASMR, tool based on CBT to feel you more life-satisfied, etc.) Keep your fingers crossed! 🤞🏻Also, your feedbacks are welcomed as well! Enjoy the teaser & visit -- And of course, if you have any idea how to help us (promote, cooperation, feedbacks & improvements, joining beta testers) -> please write me at or
@calmind @naum @vladimirkrajcovic Love the premise of this app! Congrats on the launch 🚀 Would love to read a blog post or something on your specific plans and features for the future 🙏
@calmind @naum @vladimirkrajcovic Just to let you know: blog posts in your footer are broken. They don't link to anything. The blog in the header doesn't show these posts existing on it. Feels like a bit of a rushed launch. > Based on scientific research in collaboration with experts Any reference to this research? I cannot find references to it, any mention of science, or a list of these experts, on your website. What do you think makes this different to just listening to the 'calm' or 'focus' playlists on Spotify? Or background music of the ocean on YouTube?
Super cool execution. Using it this morning to focus.
Hi, how can I become a beta tester? Really interested in your idea. And also having issues with stress.