Let contacts know why you’re calling before they pick up.

Giacomo Uberti
  • Giacomo Uberti
    Giacomo UbertiDigital Innovation Consultant @ Udeis

    Some Customer Care are using this technique on "call me back" requests


    Nothing that much innovative: it's basically just sending an sms before initiating the call

    The website if offline but the app is still on Play Store (guess probably forgotten) The idea can be good (tell your contact "I'm going to call you to...) so you're not losing the call or get notified to call later etc but I really can't see the need of an app for that.

    I was expecting something more "virtual" like a customized caller ID with a message (not sure if it's actually possible like with sms...) but definitely not an app to keep

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JorikHunter@thisisjorik · Strategist @ DDB
The app sends a text message with custom tags about why your calling someone. I don't think it's the best solution yet, but really like the idea and I'm curious to know where this is heading!
Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
idea seems weird to me
Karthik K
Karthik K@imkarthikk · CEO of Skcript &
My opinion is that, I wouldn't spend some time typing why I'm calling them for.
Andreas Pizsa
Andreas Pizsa@andreaspizsa
Smart idea to handle one aspect of an actual problem. Personally, I dislike the phone for some of the reasons Dharmesh Shah has laid out in his article "Sorry, No Calls" -
Felix Reznik
Felix Reznik@felixreznik · Founder of eJuice Direct
The idea is interesting but I do have some reservations as it's likely to get abused by marketers and spammers. So now a company is going to text AND call me? Time to get burner phones :)