CallPage 2.0

Convert web-visitors into inbound sales calls in 28 seconds

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Hello all, CallPage is a marketing solution which helps to convert your website visitors into leads. If you install CallPage on your website you will be able to connect with your customers in 28 seconds. We never slow down and constantly provide new and valuable features to our application. Recently we have added a number of new features: - advanced scoring system (you can determine what actions your website visitors have to take to see the widget) - new, more attractive design for pop-ups - possibility to customize widget's looks - integration with Google Analytics and Zapier - two levels of access to the application (you can decide to which functions you employees have access to) - SMS customization (now you can customize both the name of the sender and the text message) - Javascript API that gives you control over the behavior of CallPage window - REST API We would love to hear what you think about CallPage and our new features! We are looking forward to you feedback and suggestions. We will also gladly respond to any questions you may have. We have a special offer for Product Hunters! Cheers!
Looks promising. I definitely have to test this one.
Thanks @niteshmishra_ We have special offer for Product Hunters ;)
@ross_knap Could you send me a mail on the same to
Whats the big update?
@bentossell CallPage 2.0 is a very new product in comparison to the old version. We change everything from design of our widgets to the API for developers. We work very hard and today we want to share our product to the world. We will really appreciate your support and do believe that PH community will find our tool very useful.
Hi guys! Looks really good and full of new features in comparison to the old version. And actually admire how well it works with getting the call in 28 seconds. Wish you luck!
@vlad_shvets Thank you very much for warm feedback! !
WOW, nice update! Thanks guys for helping us)
@vitaliimalets thanks for feedback ;)