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Neat, simple Slack+Twilio integration. Never miss a call again.
@radekzaleski I can definitely see my small local business using this, can you forward to a cell if you need to (for when you're away from your desk) ?
When you answer the call, does it use a headphone attached to your computer? It's not clear to me how that part works.
@pupeno, as you're answering the call in the browser (by clicking the valid link on your Slack channel first) the call is processed using the default input/output devices on your system. That means the browser usually asks you whether you want to allow it to use your microphone when the talk is about to start, and the default audio output is e.g. a built-in speaker in your laptop or headphones connected to it. Feel free if you have any more questions or issues regarding this tool. I'm always happy to help!
@ozimeu I see. That makes sense. Thank you.
@pupeno, I forgot to mention that if you want to know more we have a detailed description on how to setup Callio here: https://www.netguru.co/blog/call...
Looks great, I have stared it for future use.
Dope ! definitely needs more stars on github !!
Looking good, how does it compare with Ottspott ? http://ottspott.co/