Get your new year's goals written in calligraphy

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Chris L
Chris LMaker@machinehuman · UX Designer
Hi there. I did this for myself, but then @staringispolite suggested I "productize" it for others. So here it is. Please let me know if I can answer questions or whatever.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
@machinehuman have you thought of offering some general quotes from famous people too?
Chris L
Chris LMaker@machinehuman · UX Designer
@bentossell Yes! That's in the works for next year as well. If you want that now, you can just submit it as your "goals". I just haven't had time to write everything out! 😋
Kasey Wang
Kasey Wang@bitpixi · UX/UI Designer, Meitu
@machinehuman is the one pictured your example? I like the calligraphy but would love if there is more leading (the spaces between line breaks) to show more negative space. Unless there is a certain reason for the choice of not being so. I remember seeing this conversation on Twitter as I follow both of you. I work for Minted and often they have contests and commission for new typography wall art or for new greeting cards. You should totally enter some time. It would be a refreshing change from seeing all script style in watercolors.
Chris L
Chris LMaker@machinehuman · UX Designer
@bitpixi Yes, the example is mine. Re: leading - yes I agree but it's a bit of an inexact science for me. I do measure things out but it's not often clear how much space will be needed to fit all the text so I just did it as I felt would work. For other people's goals I can play around with spacing more. Let me know if there's something I could do for Minted!
Jonathan Howard
Jonathan Howard@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
Yessss it's alive! I think you've had yours on your desk for about a week now - Have you found positive results to having your goals front and center, beautifully displayed?
Chris L
Chris LMaker@machinehuman · UX Designer
@staringispolite Haha! It's a bit too early to say exactly, but the constant reminder is definitely helpful to keep my goals in focus.