Caller Zen

Customer support for inbound SMS and phone calls

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Hiten Shah
Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
It's great to see another company tackle customer support in a more modern way than the existing customer support products that are on the market.
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Alex De Simone
Hey Product Hunters, I’m Alex, creator of Caller Zen. Big thanks to @hnshah for the support. The motivation behind building this product is fueled by the frustration both customers and businesses experience when dealing with customer support requests. Caller Zen aims to solve this with an SMS ticketing system for customer support requests. Setting up Caller Zen is easy: all we ask for is your email and company name, and we provide you with a phone number. You can use this as a standalone number on your website / in your native app, or you can incorporate it into your existing phone tree system (e.g. can route option 1 in your phone tree to your Caller Zen number: “Press 1 to chat via SMS”). Caller Zen currently integrates with Slack and We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback as we continue to make the product better. Check out our free 14 day trial and enjoy a PH Exclusive for 50% off the first 3 months. Happy Wed!
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@alexdesimone Seems like a great product, just need to fine tune your price point. I can definitely help with the SMS costs, and also offer you 48 countries worldwide. -email
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it all boils down to that #pricing bro - Great piece of product you have though
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Eric CoganDeveloper
It's always nice to see improvements in customer support, but the pricing is a bit high. Going to check out the trial and see how well it works with Desk though.
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Dre Durr💡
Growth is the only thing that matters
This could be the next level in customer support
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