A free and powerful ATS for your team.

Manage ongoing candidate evaluations in one place and keep your team in sync. Caliber is a free applicant tracking tool that supports reaching out to candidates, scheduling interviews and collecting feedback automatically from interviewers.

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Hey Makers! 👋 I am a developer on the team building Caliber in Bangalore, India. There are plenty of applicant tracking tools available, but none satisfy the needs of the startup community, the first being cost. We tried to figure out a way that we could give a simple and useful applicant tracking system for free, while still offering value to startups and us. We realised that by evaluating candidates through our system, we can actually build a validated profile of candidates over time. This means that instead of seeing a resume where the candidate claims they know React, you see a resume where multiple people have already verified that the candidate is indeed an expert in React. Check us out, it just takes a single click to get started for free - and let us know your thoughts!
@paramaggarwal just tried to access it. Got a 404 error. Is this still functional?

Its built by a young team that is looking to help companies streamline their recruitment process. Its a game-changer.. What's more, its completely free


Clean Interface. Streamlined Process.


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