Calendar Tree

Publish calendars that users can easily hook into.

Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) is a co-founder. Which I must say, I find interesting.
This reminds me of a new feature Sunrise (cc @jeremylv) recently added, giving users the opportunity to subscribe to public calendars (e.g. sports schedules, holidays). I like the idea.
Isn't that the whole pitch from @upto calendar? I really like where calendars are going. @sanjay - super interesting that Scott Adams is co-founder. That explains the Dilbert cartoon on the How it Works page (I was like...."Holy shit - that's a major lawsuit coming!" :) With that said, I found the DIlbert cartoon confusing - didn't get the value of the product from it (although I really wanted it to work - I think one more pass and they'll get it right)....
@dskaletsky yeah, I've already told them one thing that they could do that would make it more useful for me (ability to charge for connections and/or authors). We'll see if they get there.
also @rrhoover the difference with this is that is't cross platform. I'm not an iDevice person so Sunrise doesn't do anything for me.