Calendar Scope is a different kind of calendar for your iPhone.

Meetings, appointments and reminders are shown as 'targets' on a radar scope. Targets pulse when scanned and echo information back. They move towards the center of the scope as their start time nears. Supports all standard calendar features. Visit the website to see the app in action

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Nice! No idea about its usability but it certainly looks rad and futuristic :) iOS only though....
@anna_0x haha, I had the same thought
@rrhoover I'm a sucker for such things though 😆 Sometimes I get in the mood to really customize my Android and get futuristic icons packs, widgets and all sorts of things and then use it like that for a while but eventually I switch back to the good old simple launchers for usabilty's sake.
If this app is on the Apple Watch, I'm getting an Apple Watch. @charles_edmundson
Hi, again, @elizabethhunker 😄 The app does support notifications on Apple Watch. But there is no Apple Watch app at this time. BTW: as a side note, you may find the your experience with Apple Watch somewhat limited without a iPhone to pair it with. Just sayin'... Thanks again for you interest in Calendar Scope!
PLEASE make this for Android. @charles_edmundson
Hi @elizabethhunker, Thanks much for your interest in our app! We do have plans to move release an Android version but do not have a date yet.

But why?




Looks like an experiment in creating the least usable UI in existence.

Thanks for your interest. Calendar Scope was purposely designed to eschew "standard" design conventions. In fact, a lot of work was done to achieve that very effect. Granted, the UI/UX may not appeal to everyone. But that was the point. To do something different while still delivering on the core functionality. We'd be happy to provide a demo version so that you can actually put hands-on the app. Thanks again for your review.
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