If you like planning your upcoming weeks, I find a calendar that fits about 12 weeks on one page quite useful. You print it out and mark only the most important milestones and events ahead. Optionally strike out past days to get a progress-bar like perspective.
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Such a cool idea! The execution is clean and simple as well
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I love this. I've been printing 3 months at a time from Calendar app on Mac. This is much nicer. It's a great way to start a habit. Wanna eat healthier? Print a 12-week program called "no snacks except for Sundays", put it on a wall in your kitchen, and check off days.
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Nice work! Simple and easy to use :) I'm always having shared calendars with my partner or friends that I sometimes forget to check on my phone - but having a physical copy at my desk or on the fridge is nice when i'm going through a busy patch!
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I love this. Thank you @gubikmic
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Super nice @gubikmic ! Feature request: Besides portrait also have a landscape orientation.
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@gubikmic @ipears Yes, I second this request.
@ipears @binoyxj Landscape with 7 days horizontally?
@binoyxj @gubikmic Yes, for me when printing the main reason is to pencil in rough planning. When in landscape, there is more room to write horizontally which feels more natural.
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@ipears @gubikmic Yup, anything with more room for notes/ tasks!