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Hi makers, I often run into situations where I want to schedule a meeting with someone, but don't want to go through the hassle of configuring a professional appointment scheduling tool (such as The idea of is to email a link to your calendar (such as and the recipient can simply pick a time where you're free and reply with their desired date/time via email or IM. This makes it easy for the recipient (because they don't have to sign up for anything) and you, because you don't have to put your availability in writing, which is always awkward. In Google Calendar's built-in sharing options, you can only select "Share via email", where the recipient then has to import your calendar into his/her own Google Calendar (so this is meant as a more permanent solution, not for quickly scheduling a meeting) or make your calendar completely public (which will lead to it showing up in Google search results!). On, you can choose whether to show the full event titles or just "Busy" indicators on your public calendar, and the sharing link is long enough to make it hard to guess.
I occasionally use Calendly to schedule meetings. Functionality-wise, how does this compare with, @nikozwitschert?
@rrhoover Thanks for the question, Ryan! Calendly is a great tool for scheduling meetings. Our philosophy at is to simplify the process even more, by removing the "booking" feature from the equation. You retain full control over your schedule and are able to approve each request manually, rather than having other people fill up your agenda. Calendly has introduced various rules and add-ons (buffer times between meetings, max. number of meetings per day, minimum scheduling notices, etc.) which I think speaks to the issue that it's difficult to cram your personal preferences into an automatic booking process, and makes it cumbersome to configure. We want to get you up and running in literally two clicks.
Slightly off topic, but the site itself looks nice but scrolls kinda weird on a mac. I'm guessing you're doing some sort of scroll jacking, but i think it'd be a nicer feel without it!
@jthawme Thanks for the feedback, Jonny! The contents are supposed to "slide in", but I'll just remove the transitions entirely if it's causing issues. Thanks for spotting this!