Politely share wishlists with family and friends

Sharing wishlists can be awkward. CakeClub makes it easy.

- Share your kid's personality, not just a list of demands

- Specify what kinds of gifts you'd really enjoy, and which you'd rather avoid

- Add gift ideas from any website

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Pretty cool idea @thinkkeyspeak
@alex_knows thanks a bunch!
Hey guys! Steve here, co-creator of CakeClub. First launch on PH! My wife and I came up with CakeClub as a scheme to prevent our family from over-loading our kids with toys during birthdays & holidays. We live in a small house, and we ain't got room for all that. But telling your family what gifts to buy or not buy is a tricky thing! The last thing you want is to come off rude or ungrateful. So we created a wishlist that helps you *politely* communicate your wishes to your family. The focus is on who your kid is and what they really enjoy. Not just the things they want. It's been super helpful for our own family, but we'd love to hear your thoughts. Any features that would make CakeClub more useful for you?