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Cake is a place to have thoughtful conversations about topics that fascinate you. Follow topics — not people — to curate your personal feed. Create panel conversations to have noise-free public discussions with trusted participants you invite.

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We built Cake with one goal in mind: to help you have great conversations with people who share your passions, without interference from trolls and spammers. Special code: Cake is still invite-only, but people who visit from Product Hunt can sign up with the special code PRDHNT that we’ll pre-fill for you. One less thing. Your topics: When you sign up, you’ll be able to pick topics like travel and photography to customize your feed. Don’t see a topic you’re interested in? No worries, you can create it when you start a conversation. Follow conversations: Some conversations unfold over time as your adventures in Australia unfold. People who share your interests can follow your adventures and stay up to date with you. Control your experience: You can hide posts in your conversations that you feel detract from the discussion. You can ignore users whose posts and conversations you don’t want to see. You can mute users to prevent them from posting in conversations you start. Vanquish the trolls: Do you know interesting people who fear the trolls? Start a new conversation, choose the panel option, and invite them. Unlike panels in the real world, you won’t need a stage, and everyone can follow and react with certain emojis. ❤️ 👏 😂 Unlike real-world audiences, yours can’t heckle. Better storytelling: Cake enables storytelling in ways that status updates on social networks don’t. You can create stories rich in text and images using multiple posts in a conversation where others can contribute to the story rather than be relegated to the comment section.
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I played with Cake briefly a few months ago. It reminds me of a lot of Branch, platform built by @joshm and team for hosting thoughtful conversations on specific topics. I'm curious how you view Cake within today's ecosystem of social networks and publishing platforms, @chris_macaskill. Cake feels like a mix between Medium, reddit, and tumblr.
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@joshm @rrhoover It’s funny, some say it’s like Medium and Reddit had a baby. I love and use both Medium and Reddit, Medium for its beautiful design and Reddit for its quirky unique posts. I view Medium as mostly a blog with some comments, but not a lot of conversation. And Reddit for me is great for quick (& funny!) comments about breaking news, or something amazing you saw. Threads mostly rise and fall quickly there. Cake is a great place to have more in-depth conversations about things that piqued your interest on places like Twitter, because it’s usually hard to have real conversations there. Cake lets you follow conversations that unfold over time, which are often amazing. You get to moderate your own conversations. And it’s structured as a conversation rather than a broadcast with comments.
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I signed up a few weeks ago. It feels like the beginning of a great community that puts more control into the hands of creators/authors. It's nice to see new efforts in social with a focus on quality and community. And who doesn't like 🎂 Curious, how did you decide on the name?
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@kaigradert Thanks Kai! Some of the photos you posted on Cake are amazing. The inspiration for the name came from Sarah Blakely, the founder of Spanx, who said in a speech that consumers like names with strong A and K sounds. And one of our founders, @yaypie, loves pie. Cake is one thing we can all agree on that everyone loves.
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@kaigradert @chris_macaskill It's funny: people sometimes ask me how I could work on a product named Cake when I'm known for my love of pie. Pro tip: if someone asks you whether you want cake or pie, the right answer is "both". 😉
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Great team, I love the design and the interest focused content. Just learned where they shot those awesome scenes for the latest WestWorld episode.
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very engaged audience with quality posts on topics of interest


Great platform to share ideas on particular areas of interest


still early in development

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