Cabana 3.0 for Sketch

A design system starter kit for Sketch

Cabana 3.0 is a Design System Starter Kit for Sketch that allows you to quickly, and effortlessly create beautiful UIs for both your Desktop and Mobile projects.
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**Use the Offer Code PRODUCTHUNT25 to receive 25% OFF!!** Hey there folks! Cabana 3.0 for Sketch has finally arrived. Woop-Woop! If you've been following my musings over on Medium for some time, you'll probably know that a few years ago I built this Design System UI Starter Kit thingy called Cabana. Built Versions 1 & 2. Folks loved it. The feedback was resoundingly positive. Then i paused for a moment. As positively received as Versions 1 & 2 of Cabana had been, I still felt that it was not quite the product I’d envisioned when I first started creating it back in late 2017, for myself initially, so I hadn't exactly listened to much in the way of user feedback at that stage then. That’s not to say that v1 & 2 were merely filler products until I rolled out the big guns (V3.0) at a later date, but more of, I knew I could increase its value even more. And that meant going back, and basically rebuilding it from the ground-up. No lil’ Component tacked on here and there, no ‘Ooh that looks like the Trend of the season’ filler elements added just because others were doing it (Illustrations, as much as I love you, I’m looking squarely at you right now). I’m pretty darn pleased with the way Version 3.0 shaped up, and talking to my users, and really gauging their thoughts was key to all of this. Is it a bird, a plane, a design system, or a UI Starter Kit? In plain terms, It’s a super-helpful tool for anybody creating UIs inside of Sketch.
I've been following the progress of Cabana since the v1 days. @mrcndrw has written some great articles on building designs systems on Medium, which have been a massive help to me. v3 improves on an already solid product. Whether you need a full-blown design system, or you just want some inspiration to help with the creation of your own, I can't recommend Cabana highly enough. Keep up the good work Marc!
@_mattbailey Thanks Matt for your ongoing support!
Congratulations with the launch 🚀
@lisadziuba Thanks Lisa. Much appreciated!
@mrcndrw has put in so much effort into Cabana, and it shows! I've followed him on Medium for a while and recently got Cabana 2.0 (now upgraded to 3.0). Excited to see the latest version and use it for projects we are currently working on. As a design system, it is very robust. A little bit of effort in setting everything up will lead to massive pay-offs in your design flow. I used to do most of this myself for larger projects. Cabana helps in setting up quickly for a new project, or a smaller/short-term one.
@tanveerchandok Thanks Tanveer. So great to hear feedback like that.
Cabana 3.0 for Sketch is a valuable design system with a lot of nice features.
@insel_design Thanks Sascha for your ongoing support!