Bynder Orbit 2.0

No more messy folders. All you need is Orbit.


Introducing categories, channels, and collections with Bynder Orbit. A more productive way to work with your files, all for free.

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21 Reviews5.0/5

Helps keep me organized and change up how I find what I'm looking for as my bank of items grows


Easy to tag, search without 'losing' items in nested folders, and group relevant items collections


To fully 'unlock' you need to pay

Orbit is a great tool for both professional and daily usage. You can store work-related files and being sure everything is safe and secure. And if you have a second private account you can store your holidays photos in nice collections. It's a great alternative to Google Docs.


Awesome if you want to store tons of images, group, sort and structure them.


Some great functionalities are still under construction or limited to a paid version.