The Bye Bye Camera app is the camera for the post-human era. Every picture you take automatically removes any person. Finally you can take a selfie without yourself.
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Really cool idea. Would love to test it out before paying 2.99. (maybe with a watermark or something?)
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@danny_cohen1 Yes, I would be great..
I'm a fan of @damjanski's weird, artistic projects. I tested this out the other day at the park. It works. 😊
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@rrhoover Thank you! Can't believe its working 🤣
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@rrhoover @damjanski How do you do it? Image inpainting? Use Deep Learning?
So nice haha
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When will have for Android?
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The killer app for divorce or breakups! I want all my pictures, I just don't want whatshername/whatshisname in them. TAM is massive, 50% of marriages and X Avg breakups on the way there....
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